Fiber Optics

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Fiber optics, in general, is a cable that aids in high-speed data transmission. However, to fully comprehend it, you must first grasp the composition and structure of optics.

A thin, long strand of glass, roughly the same width as a human hair strand, is used in fiber optics. To help in data transmission over greater distances, all the glass strands are grouped. The data is encoded and transmitted in the form of a laser beam that relies on the glass strands for speed. These cables' main structure is as follows:

Buffer Coating: This is an external coating that protects the fiber from damage caused by environmental causes.

Cladding: The protective covering that surrounds the core and stops the light beam from escaping into the environment.


Core: The glass strands are located in the middle of the wires, which is called the core.

Single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables are the two types of fiber optic cables available. The former is made up of tiny cores that can transmit infrared laser light. The latter, on the other hand, has two big cores and can transfer infrared light from LEDs.

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Fiber Accessories & Tools

It's not easy to keep a fiber optic network up and running! That's why we provide the highest quality fiber optic cables and the Fiber Tools you'll need to keep them performing at their best.

For your next fiber optic installation, choose from a variety of accessories. Optical fiber accessories are important for situating optical fibers in your installations for optimal performance.

For fiber-optic installation, repair, and maintenance, Sil Micro offers a comprehensive selection of equipment and accessories. We provide single-source convenience for all the materials and equipment you need for the installation of single-mode and multimode cables, from polishing papers and epoxies to breakout kits and crimp tools.

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