SCP-EasyFiber Fiber Cables

SCP-EasyFiber™ is Bending All the Rules

All multimode or single mode fiber cables are not the same. Professional integrators learned this lesson with Category LAN cables. Well, the same is true with fiber cables. Not understanding that the cable characteristics must match the type of installation can be a fatal installation mistake.

Bringing fiber into a home or building requires careful consideration on your cable choice. In our targeted market segments, fiber cables are typically installed by low voltage integrators that also install copper cables. As such, the fiber cable you need must support their installation practices, including:

  • Must install “like copper” to lower installation labor costs.
  • Must be able to bend “like copper” while maintaining full performance characteristics.
  • Must be robust enough to handle more aggressive installation, and
  • Must be able to terminate as quickly as an RJ45.

These features are not typically well matched for most fiber cables currently on the market. And that is why SCP introduces SCP-EasyFiber™.

SCP-EasyFiber is designed to support today’s integration practices.

SCP-EasyFiber is designed to withstand tight bends and challenging cable routes with substantially less signal loss than conventional fiber cables.

SCP-EasyFiber cables feature Corning® ClearCurve® OM4/OM3 multimode and SMF-28® Ultra OS2 single-mode ultra-bendable optical fiber. Corning is the worldwide leader in all things optical fiber and delivers the world’s most reliable and technologically advanced optical fiber. The Corning glass when paired with SCP’s ingenuity, construction, and market understanding offers you not only the best solution, but also the most cost-effective solution for your installation.

Corning® ClearCurve® and SMF-28® Ultra

Corning® ClearCurve® OM3/OM4 multimode optical fiber is the world’s first laser-optimized multimode fibers to withstand tight bends at or below 7.5mm radius with substantially less signal loss than traditional multimode fibers, while being fully standards-compliant and backwardscompatible.

Corning® SMF-28® Ultra is a full-spectrum single-mode OS2 fiber delivering the best macrobending performance with virtually no signal loss, while being fully standards-compliant and backwards-compatible.

Custom Fiber Solutions

For distributors stocking our SCP-EasyFiber™ Product Lines, we realize that you may have need for items not listed in our core stock offerings. We have access to other fiber services and items including: custom length pre-terminated cables; tactical cables; bulk direct burial and more. Please contact your SCP account manager and let us know what you need.

SCP-EasyFiber™ Packaging

SCP-EasyFiber cables are designed to install “like copper” so it is important that the fiber cable comes packaged like copper cables in a convenient reel-in-box. Our SCP-EasyFiber™ boxes saves time and money on installation, setup, storage, and transport costs.

SCP-EasyFiber boxes offer installers lightweight and easy to handle deployment of our fiber optic cables. SCP is known for high-quality copper cables boxes that are lightweight, strong, and tangle-free. Now these same convenience features are available for our SCP-EasyFiber™ bulk fiber cables.

Field Terminated & Pre-Terminated

Field installable mechanical connectors are the right solution for terminating SCP-EasyFiber™ on the job site or for making your own custom length pre-terminated cables. These connectors are faster, easier to work with and perform better than ever. If you can terminate a RJ45 you can easily terminate SCP-EasyFiber™ in the same time as a RJ45 modular plug. It is easy to learn and implement. We encourage our distributor partners to learn just how easy it is to terminate SCP-EasyFiber™ and then instruct your dealers/integrators on these best practices. We understand that some integrators require pre-terminated cables in multiple lengths. That is why SCP also offers pre-terminated duplex multimode and single-mode patch cables in various lengths.