Managed Network Switch

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A managed network switch allows Ethernet devices, like a PC or a network printer, to interact with one another whilst also authorizing administrators to set up, administer, and monitor a Local Area Network (LAN). As a result, a controlled network switch provides administrators more control over how data goes across the network and who has access to it.


A managed network switch presents a much better Quality of Service (QoS) than an unmanaged switch. Administrators can use QoS features to prioritize network traffic and maintain stable network performance. A controlled switch, for instance, might prioritize time-sensitive data such as voice packets moving over the network to prevent them from being dropped or delayed.

A managed network switch employs protocols like SNMP to transmit management information across network devices and give administrators data that allows them to remotely control network performance and swiftly detect and repair network issues without having to physically engage with the switch.

Managed Network Switches For Home & Business

While purchasing a managed switch for home network is normally as uncomplicated as buying the cheapest one with a well-known brand, selecting one for a business network, irrespective of size, is a more difficult option. On the inside, two 24-port gigabit Ethernet switches from the very same manufacturer might work radically differently. 

Ethernet-powered power supply

With PoE functionality, a switch may power IP phones, wireless access points, IP security and surveillance cameras, and other devices directly through Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for enterprises to run separate power lines to such gadgets.


Intelligence may be added to business-grade switches. They must be able to inspect a packet to determine where it should be transmitted. Layer 3 switches go much deeper, delving into the IP envelope of a packet to give routing capabilities. In return for their increased cost, they can lead to far more efficient network use.

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Today, the internet has become an indispensable component of daily life. Using it for business, academics, or even enjoyment has elevated it to the forefront of technology. A network switch's function is to link devices in a network and exchange data packets between these devices. Silmicro provides a wide selection of Managed Network Switches at cheap prices. SilMicro's top products are the Ubiquiti managed switch, the Ubiquiti Managed Switch with SFP, and the Cisco Managed Switch. Buy a Managed Network Switch from SilMicro and take advantage of incredible deals and discounts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A managed switch enables you to manage, configure, and analyze your LAN's settings, such as controlling LAN traffic, prioritizing specific channels, and creating new virtual LANs to maintain smaller groups of devices separated and better manage their traffic. Managed switches also provide redundancy capabilities such as data duplication and recovery in the case of a network or device failure.

A managed switch will always have a VLAN, nonetheless, it is normally VLAN 0. It should operate as an unmanaged switch out of the box. There is no need for this if you have DHCP configured elsewhere. If not, figure out what you need in terms of scope and settings and go for it. DHCP is particularly easier on the IT Pro than manually managing anything more than a few users.

A few of the benefits of managed ethernet switches

  • Improved Management and Problem Solving
  • Network Traffic Optimization
  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
  • Access Control for Security
  • Delta Intellicom Phone System Solutions