Solar Power System

Solar power systems combine a solar panel array, a battery and an enclosure in order to provide off the grid power to various devices. Common applications include cameras, wireless networking, and security systems. With the right sized solar panel and battery, equipment can be powered remotely 24/7 without any need for external electricity. 

Sunlight is captured by solar cells and converted into electricity stored in the battery bank of the solar power system, as such these systems operate at higher efficiency in areas with reliable sunlight, and their output is determined by the minimum sunlight the area will receive, usually during the winter months. 

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The world turns to renewable energy sources to satisfy its power demands as electricity usage and expenses continue to climb. As costs have reduced and efficiency has increased, solar energy has become a major renewable energy source in recent times.

To offer off-grid power to various devices, solar power systems comprise a solar panel array, an enclosure, and a battery. Security systems, wireless networking, and cameras are all common uses. Equipment can be operated remotely 24/7 without the use of external electricity with the correct size solar panel and battery.

Solar cells capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, which is stored in the solar power system's battery bank. As a result, these systems are more efficient in areas with consistent sunlight, and their output is ascertained by the least sunlight the area receives, which is usually during the winter months.

Sil Micro provides a comprehensive selection of solar systems. You may also convert your existing power backup system to a solar system!

Why You need Solar power System

Solar energy is getting more popular, and it is becoming more economical and simple to produce than ever before.

People like you are seeking additional methods to save energy and protect the environment by using renewable energy sources.

In general, solar panels are a great investment for your home. According to current market trends, a property with solar panels may attract a greater price in the future than one without.

You'll be helping to make energy generation more efficient. Electricity loss is unavoidable when energy is transmitted from power plants to your home over large networks.

You'll be helping to make energy generation more efficient. Electricity loss is unavoidable when energy is transmitted from power plants to your home over large networks. When your power comes directly from your rooftop, there are fewer losses, which means less energy is squandered.

Types of Solar Power System

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar power systems are designed to meet the energy demands of mid-to-large residences that are not linked to the electric utility grid, are occupied year-round, and must produce and retain 100% of their electricity.

Off-Grid Tiny House Solar Power Systems

The tiniest off-grid solar power systems for homes are frequently utilized in isolated places, these kits incorporate battery storage, and some are even built on trailers for portability.

Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems

Perfect for modest residences or vacation/seasonal usage isolated cottages in places where connecting to the electric utility grid is either impossible or too expensive.

Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems with Battery Backup

Best for people who currently have electric utility service but want the assurance of continuous power during utility grid disruptions without having to use a gas or diesel generator.

Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems

Considering Off-grid solar power systems costs who currently have electric utility service but want to cut their electric cost in half by installing solar panels at their house or business to generate sustainable energy.

Silmicro: Shop for Solar Power System Online

Buy solar power system from us as the kits include everything you'll need to put up a standalone solar energy system with battery storage for 24/7 off-grid solar power, including boxes, breakers, charge control, a charger/inverter, deep-cycle solar batteries, solar panels, and more. With our custom-designed kits, you may save time and money by purchasing your full off-grid solar power system at once.

Buy off-grid solar power systems as they are ideal for rural cottages or mid-sized off-grid dwellings.

Buy solar power systems for a home for expert service and high-quality solar panels at a cheap price! 

We have the solar power system kit for you, whether you're keeping on the grid and want a modest solar panel system to save money on electric bills, or you're relocating off-grid for complete freedom and ultimate energy independence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar power is captured using solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which uses semiconductors to turn sunlight into energy. When the sun shines on the semiconductor in a PV cell, electrons are liberated, and bus bars gather the freed electrons, resulting in an electric current.

After setup, solar energy is pollution-free and does not release greenhouse gases. Dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil is reduced.

Cost should be weighed against relative efficiency; while efficiency is crucial, the most efficient panels aren't necessarily the greatest value.

Your monthly power demand, as well as the weather patterns in your location, will decide the size of your solar energy installation.