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Conference calls are a common occurrence in small and medium-sized enterprises. These conversations enable distant teams to stay engaged regularly when organizations develop new sites, hire remote staff, and service a wide range of clients. And, as conference calling technology has improved, so has the gear that supports it.

Most VoIP desk phones include a built-in loudspeaker for hands-free calling, however, the microphone isn't suitable for picking up input from many people. A corporate conference phone delivers a significantly better calling experience for group calls. These gadgets are intended to fill big rooms with several speakers.

Wireless conference phone generally have detachable microphones, echo cancellation, and HD voice, all of which aid in the clarity of sounds on both sides of the conversation, resulting in a more fluid and organic meeting. When used in conjunction with a conference bridge, such phones can accommodate a high number of meeting attendees.


Best VoIP Conference Phone For Your Business:

We decided to create a list of several remarkable business VoIP conference phone models. Check out our brevity reviews to discover more about standout features, cost, design, and other factors.

  • Yealink CP920 - conference VoIP phone - with Bluetooth interface - 5-way

It's time to upgrade your conference room with the Yealink Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone CP920, a modern conference phone available at $351.79. With a user-centric design philosophy, this Yealink edition blends ease of use with a depth of capabilities, making it ideal for small to medium conference rooms. With the well-designed CP920's crystal-clear sound quality, your chat will seem natural and vibrant wherever. The Yealink CP920 may not only be associated with your mobile staff's smartphone or PC/tablet through Bluetooth, but it is also an excellent solution for businesses who utilize a public switched telephone network (PSTN) after merging with the CPN10 PSTN Box. The CP920 conference phone is a wonderful addition to your conference room, striking a good mix between the simplicity of use and strong capabilities, providing you with a simple and engaging business conference experience.

  • Cisco SPA514G 4-Line IP Phone with 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, PoE, and LCD Display

The Cisco SPA514G was created to make installation easier while also delivering increased security for total peace of mind. It employs industry-standard encryption techniques for safe remote provisioning with discreet in-service software updates. Secure remote provisioning technologies contain comprehensive performance assessment and troubleshooting capabilities, allowing network operators to provide high-quality support to their users. Remote provisioning also reduces service providers' time and money by eliminating the need to manage, preload, and reconfigure client premises equipment. The VoIP conference phone is available at a steal deal of $103.99.

Where to buy conference phone system?

The finest conference phone system will offer great audio conferencing for online meetings while also being simple to use and administer. This is especially essential because audio and video conferencing are becoming more common in business, with many corporate phone services now including them as standard capabilities, particularly with cloud phone systems. Furthermore, many workplaces today have staff working remotely, so if you need to incorporate several individuals phoning in from another place into a meeting room full of people, the finest conference phones can help.

Sil Micro is the place to go if you want to get a high-quality conference phone system.

Sil Micro is a Latin American and North American reseller of WiFi and wireless technology. With over 15 years of business expertise, the distributor focuses on acquiring the greatest pricing for clients while providing old-fashioned customer care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three major types of IP conference phones:
  • Softphones
  • Conference IP Video Phones
  • Conference IP Hard Phones

Follow these seven actions to make switching simpler for your company:
  1. Determine the number of users you will require.
  2. Ensure that your office's Internet connection is adequate.
  3. Establish a VoIP budget.
  4. Determine which characteristics are most significant.
  5. Select a VoIP phone service.
  6. Purchase phones and other gadgets.
  7. Install and set up your VoIP system

VoIP phones transform voice calls into digital signals that are sent across IP networks like the internet. VoIP phones can be real phones that employ virtual phone software or VoIP technology that is loaded on a mobile device or computer.