Ubiquiti Networks LTU

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Customized Technology for WISP Operators

Unmatched spectral efficiency, noise resiliency, and scalability to power long-range fixed wireless networks of the new internet

  • 1+Gbps* Throughput
  • 4096 QAM* MOdulation Symbols
  • Performance 2+ Million pps
  • Spectral Effiency 21.2 bps/Hz
  • Proprietary RF Fitering

Breakthrough in 5 GHz Long-Range Broadband Radio Technology

Spectral efficiency comparison of 802.11n, 802.11ac, AirFiber, and LTU by year.


Outstanding Performance

Designed for scale in harsh RF environments

802.11 Based

LTU Technology

Industry's First End-to-End Customized PtMP Platform Technology

Affordable, no subscription fees. Rapid flow of releases and new features.

Multi-Radio Architecture Powering Revolutionary RF Analytics Engine
Ubiquiti Network Management System

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