Guest Internet GIS-K1 Hotspot gateway for up to 60 Mb/s throughput

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The GIS-K1 offers an economical approach to providing managed Internet access for restaurants, coffee bars and motels/hotels. The high performance wireless 802.11/n offers connection speeds up to 300Mb/s. The GIS-K1 can be installed by any small business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public.

GIS-K1 Features:

  • Works with any Access Point
  • Fully customizable login page
  • Access Code login
  • Set bandwidth limits per user
  • Cloud Management
  • Data limits
  • Firewall
  • Facebook login
  • Email and data collection
  • Content filtering

Installing the GIS-K1 is simple: connect the unit to the Internet and power it up. A computer wireless connection is made to "Hot Spot" and then a browser is opened. The browser screen will display the setup wizard.

The GIS-K1 can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer. The disclaimer text was prepared according to US Federal law, however it can be edited to include local laws and restrictions.

The GIS-K1 can also control Internet access: users type an access code in to the login page to connect to the Internet.

The GIS-K1 includes access code generation and management that is used by the business owner to generate and delete codes. Access codes can be downloaded and printed onto business stationery. Authorized customers are given access codes to use the Internet. Businesses can charge customers for Internet use by selling codes.

The GIS-K1 LAN ports can be connected to additional wireless access points to extend the hotspot range by connecting them to the LAN ports. The firewall prevents a hacker getting access to business computers or point of sale terminals (PoS) via the public WiFi Hotspot. The GIS-K1 firewall feature is compliant with the requirements of the PCI DSS recommendations.

The GIS-K1 Hotspot Gateway allows you to safely and securely share your Internet connection with your guests.

Main features include displaying a custom login page, capturing user data for marketing and managing users with a range of powerful tools. You can choose how you want to provide Internet access.

Bandwidth controls to improve quality of service (QoS) on the unit can be enabled to limit user download and upload speed, spreading the available bandwidth evenly across users. You can also set time and data limits per user from any device connected to your network.

The GIS-K1 Hotspot Gateway is a simple plug and play installation, requiring no specialist knowledge.

The login page will allow your guests access to the Internet using the following methods:
Facebook login
Providing email address and other information
Login with a pre-generated login code
Automatic billing for Internet access
Agree to terms and conditions
or Open Access

No limit to the number of users
Throughput: up to 60 Mb/s
Access code database: 10000
WAN: RJ-45 10/100
LAN1-LAN4: RJ-45 10/100
Wireless port: 802.11/n, 300Mb/s
RF Power output: +20dBm (100mW)
Dimension and Power
18cm x 10cm x 3cm
12v 110v/220v (7.5W)
1 Year

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Guest Internet
7.00 (in)
3.93 (in)
1.18 (in)
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