Smart Network Switch: What you need to know

Smart Network Switch: What you need to know

Published by Sil Micro on 16th May 2022

Smart Network Switch: What you need to know

We all love our laptops and mobile devices, right? Have you seen the latest craze in networking? The Smart Network Switch, commonly referred to as SNS, is dominating the networking industry. Many individuals are claiming that it's the best switch on the market. But what do you know about SNS? In this article, we will try to outline everything you need to know about these trending switches.

What is Smart Network Switch?

First things first: What is Smart Network Switch?

Smart Network Switch makes it easier for you to connect to the Internet by automatically switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data networks. In other words, it works behind the scenes to keep you connected on the go so that your Internet connection is always up and running, even when your device is out of Wi-Fi range, or you're on an airplane.

Here's how it works: If a Wi-Fi connection becomes unavailable, your device will automatically switch over to cellular data—provided that mobile data services are enabled. Once a Wi-Fi network becomes available again as you move around, your smart device will automatically reconnect to the new network (and disable the cellular connection) to save on battery power and ensure you don't go over any limits set by your wireless carrier.

How does a device prioritize Wi-Fi over mobile data?

Smart Network Switch can recognize when Wi-Fi is available and automatically switch your device back to mobile data when a strong, secure Wi-Fi connection is no longer available. The different types of Wi-Fi connectivity are prioritized based on their security, signal strength, and speed. For example:

  • Connections that are open, not encrypted, or password-protected may be used over other connections if the other networks aren't available.
  • Networks with encryption such as WPA2 and PSK may be prioritized over connections that don't encrypt data.
  • Mobile hotspots will typically be prioritized over public Wi-Fi networks like those at a coffee shop or shopping mall because they're typically faster and more secure.

How do I know if Smart Network Switch is working?

You'll know that Smart Switch is working if you see a "Smart network switch" message when your device switches from mobile to Wi-Fi or vice versa. If you don't see this message, it doesn't mean that the Smart network switch isn't working—it just means that your device didn't have to switch networks. You can also go to Settings > Advanced Calling > Wi-Fi calling and look under "Network preference." If it says "Wi-Fi preferred" or "mobile preferred," then the feature is on.

How can I turn off Network Switch on my phone?

To turn off Smart Switch, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Tap the Menu button
  • Uncheck the Smart network switch. Once you've done this, you'll be able to use Wi-Fi and mobile data in your area without interference.

Is Smart Network Switch available on all devices and carriers?

Wifi Smart Network Switch isn't available on all devices. Check your phone's settings to see if it has Smart Network Switch. If you don't see "Smart network switch" under "Wi-Fi preferences," this feature isn't available on your device.

Be aware that even if your device is compatible with Smart Network Switch, carrier support and network connectivity are required for the feature to work. Not all carriers support Smart Network Switch, and not all networks support the function of Smart Network Switch.

Final words

What does all this hype mean for the average person? At the most basic level, your Internet service will perform at a higher level. Even better, you can enjoy this performance with minimal work on your part—all that you need to do is connect your modem and router to new Smart Network Switches, and you're good to go! So if you want faster speeds, ease of use, and more advanced functionality, look no further than a switch with integrated Wi-Fi functionality.