Enhancing Your Business Security with Wireless Access Control

Enhancing Your Business Security with Wireless Access Control

Published by Sil Micro on 22nd Mar 2022

For enterprises of all sizes and industries who are aiming to enhance their business security, wireless control systems that are set up using wireless access points are an appropriate alternative or addition to both low-security, no networked solutions and convenient access control solutions. Wireless access control, whether that be in existing buildings or building work, can extend security to door openings that might otherwise be too expensive to lock, among many other things.

What is Wireless Access Control?

Wireless access control systems employ wireless electronic locks and readers to enable authorized people to enter a facility. The main aim of wireless access control is to improve security.

Wireless systems, unlike wired systems, do not require the installation of wires between the components needed by the system. These systems, instead, link to a wireless router, which allows the various components to interact with one another. Building administrators can configure door access rights using software that manages this communication.

WiFi access points can be used to build wireless access control systems in apartments, business premises, housing estates, and other locations. Wireless access control systems have the major advantage of eliminating the costs and difficulties of procuring and installing cabling to link all of the system parts. WiFi gate and door access controls function via the internet, which means they are far less expensive to buy and install. Silmcro offers some of the best wireless access points to help you set up wireless access control.

Types Of Wireless Access Control

There are several different types of wireless access control systems that govern who and when can enter a building. Some of these are –

Cloud-Based Control – One of the most popular types of wireless access control is based on cloud control. Data is stored on local servers in traditional access control systems, which are normally housed in a secure part of the facility. However, in today's digital world, access permits may be stored and managed on the cloud. This implies that property managers may control selected indicators from any computer with an internet connection. Furthermore, with this type of access control, these solutions make it simple to connect with other property applications, such as property management systems. Any changes to the renter monthly rent in the property management systems are automatically updated in the system's access rights, thanks to cloud connections.

Mobile Access Control – Mobile access control is another wireless access control that can be used to increase security. Authorized persons must download the application to unlock the door and gates using wireless control systems, which are based on mobile solutions. A mobile phone access control system allows building renters and residents to obtain access simply through their smartphones. Only the doors to the rooms or spaces that they are permitted to enter can be opened by tenants.

loT system - Any device that is linked to the Internet of Things can be used with this type of access control. Every lock, lock access controller, and other connected equipment has its own IP address, and they are referred to as smart locking systems. That lets the gadgets communicate with one another and with other internet-connected devices. As long as you have approved credentials to access and administer IoT access control systems, you may access and administer them from anywhere in the globe.

Choosing The Best System

You can take a step further and install an IP video intercom at the front door to monitor visitors and deliveries alongside your wireless. A camera intercom and a wireless access control system simplify property access for everyone. You should select systems that connect with one another, so that tenant information and access rights are constantly up to date. Anyone who requires access to and within your property will be able to do so without difficulty, thanks to the powerful WiFi access control.

Silmicro recognizes the rising need for wireless access points. We provide some of the best WiFi wireless access points for setting up wireless access control and securing your property.

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