Ubiquiti CRM-P Airmax Central Management CRM Point

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The CRM Point from Ubiquiti Networks is a locally hosted solution for managing airMAX network devices. It combines local network security with convenient access in a compact form factor. The CRM Point runs a local instance of Ubiquiti's UniFi Controller software and serves as an ultra-low energy solution that can replace a dedicated server or computer. With a plug-and-play installation, simply connect the CRM Point to an airMAX network device and access it through a computer connected to the network.

Key Features

  • Integrated, Stand-Alone UniFi Controller
  • Pre-installed U CRM Control Software
  • Network Monitoring
  • Batch Management
  • Plug-and-Play Installation

U CRM Control

U CRM Control lets you quickly discover all airMAX and airMAX ac devices within your network. In addition to automatic device discovery, you can also scan IP ranges or manually add devices using their IP addresses.

Network Monitoring

Check the system dashboard to display a summary of the current network status and to get real-time updates on the network status. The dashboard shows the PtP and PtMP networks. For each network type, you can display the spectral efficiency, airtime, and radio distribution for all applicable frequency bands. Real-time graphs also display throughput or airtime statistics.

Device Views

Track network performance with summary and detailed device views. Monitor uplink and downlink statistics, including charts of wireless signal quality and device activity. Search for a specific device or use filters to quickly find what you're looking for.

Batch Firmware Upgrades

The U CRM Control software allows you to upgrade firmware simultaneously on multiple airMAX and airMAX ac devices, saving you valuable time.

Link Simulations

The powerful link simulator helps you to plan your deployments. Create a point-to-point simulation anywhere on the map and test the link performance with immediate feedback based on terrain data and device configuration.

Compact Plug and Play Device Management

The compact CRM Point securely runs the U CRM Control software on your local network.

Breakthrough Size and Performance

The pocket-sized CRM Point provides top processing power for centralized device management.

Plug and Play Installation with Any Switch or Router

Scalable to 100’s of devices, the CRM Point hosts networks of almost any size to meet your growing management needs.

Advanced Device Management

The U CRM Control software is pre-installed for immediate deployment and enables intuitive network management.

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0.85 (in)
1.71 (in)
4.80 (in)
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