Ubiquiti Wave-AP-US 5+km 60GHz Base Station Radio

8.42 (in)
8.08 (in)
7.36 (in)


60 GHz, point-to-multipoint (PtMP) base station radio featuring Wave Technology that delivers true duplex Gigabit performance at a 5+ km range, supports up to 15 clients, and can be used with an AF60 LR functioning as customer-premises equipment (CPE).* US Version

The 60 GHz Wave AP is the first entry in the new Wave AP series designed to provide full-duplex, wireless GbE performance and support for up to 15 clients. Designed to be compatible with AF60 LR and other Wave products, the 60 GHz Wave AP can connect to PtMP links across distances up to 5 km by taking advantage of the extended range offered by its Wave Technology. The 60 GHz Wave AP also features integrated GPS and a built-in Bluetooth management radio to simplify device setup and configuration.

Wave-AP-US Features

  • Low-interference, 60 GHz spectrum
  • 24 dBi gain antenna
  • Azimuth FOV: 30° horizontal beam width for wider coverage
  • Extended, 5+ km range powered by Wave Technology
  • Support up to 15 client connections
  • Integrated GPS
  • Link planning support via
  • Simple, Bluetooth-powered setup with the UISP™ Mobile app

* The AF60 LR must be updated to Version 3.0.0 or higher to support PtMP CPE.

 Managed with UISP™ application (previously UNMS): Version 1.4.0-beta.3 and higher

Wave-AP-US Specifications
Dimensions 213.8 x 205.3 x 187 mm (8.42 x 8.08 x 7.36")
Weight 1.68 kg (3.7 lb)
Enclosure Material UV Stabilized Plastic
Mount Material Aluminum Alloy
Mounting Integrated Pole Mount with Fine Elevation Adjustment
Range of Mast Diameter 25 to 65 mm (1 to 2.56") on Pipe Outer Diameter
Wind Loading 117 N at 200 km/h (26.3 lbf at 125 mph)
Weatherproofing IPX6
Networking Interface 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 ethernet
Management Interface Ethernet
Bluetooth (class 2)
RF Connections Internal
Max. Power Consumption 22W
Power Method Passive PoE 4-pairs (1, 2+ ; 3, 6-) (4, 5+; 7, 8-) or 2-pairs (4, 5+; 7, 8-)
Power Supply 48VDC, 0.65A gigabit PoE adapter (included)
Supported Voltage range 48V ±10%
Button Factory Reset
ESD/EMP Protection Air/Contact: ± 24kV
Operating Temperature -40 to 60° C (-40 to 140° F)
Operating Humidity 5 - 95% Noncondensing
Certifications FCC, IC, CE
Power Flashing White: Bootup in Progress
White: Not Connected to UISP™ application
Blue: Connected to UISP™ application
Flashing Blue: Locate in Progress
Blue/White: Firmware Upgrade in Progress
Ethernet Flashing Blue: Ethernet Traffic Detected
GPS Blue: Receiving at Least (4) GPS Satellite Signals
Maximum Throughput 1.95 Gbps
Maximum Range 5 km
Encryption WPA2-PSK (AES)
OS airOS®
Operating Mode PtMP as Access Point Only
Ubiquiti Specific Features Integrated 60 GHz Radio, Discovery Protocol, Wave Technology
Services UISP, Ping Watchdog, NTP Client, Device Discovery
Tools Antenna Alignment, Discovery Utility, Ping, Trace Route, Speed Test
Network Bridge Mode
Software Management Bluetooth Management for Easy Setup over UISP™ app
Minimum Software Requirements Any modern web browser/iOS or Android based smartphone
Operating Frequency* 57 to 71 GHz
* Depends on Regulatory Region.
Channel Bandwidth 2160, 1080 MHz
Operating Channels* 58320, 59400, 60480, 61560, 62640, 63720, 64800, 65880, 66960, 68040, 69120 MHz
* Depends on regulatory region.
Modulation 16QAM, QPSK
Beamwidth Azimuth FOV: 30°
Elevation: 3 dB 3°/6 dB 4°
Electrical Downtilt







Extra Information

8.42 (in)
8.08 (in)
7.36 (in)
2.00 LBS