Tycon Systems UPS-PL2424HP-9 UPS PRO - 24V Battery, 24V PoE Backup System - Solar Ready

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24V Battery, 24V POE, 24V Secondary Output, 9Ah Battery Capacity, Solar Ready Outdoor UPS System

  • Protects sensitive electronics from damaging power line surges
  • Provides 24hour battery backup @ 8W load or 12 hours @14W load
  • Powered Over CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • 24V POE voltage, 24V Secondary wire terminal output

The UPS Pro series outdoor enclosures are designed for applications that require a backup power source in order to maintain uninterrupted service to customers. The enclosure is powered over a CAT5 network cable using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) using a high power PoE Supply/Inserter (included). Inside the system has a RJ45 female connector as DATA/PoE input and an RJ45 Male connector as a DATA/PoE output which gets connected to the customers POE device.The integrated controllers are Solar Ready and can be used with an external solar panel up to 85W in addition to grid power supplied via PoE. 

Customer electronics operate from battery power so they are isolated from damaging power line surges. The batteries are continuously charged via the POE input and/or solar power.

Features include a battery charge controller to protect against over-charging or over-discharging of the valve regulated sealed lead acid AGM batteries. Enclosures have multiple ports for CAT5 cable, antenna cables/connectors or other cabling. They are vented to prevent residual buildup of hydrogen gas.

There is a generous amount of space reserved inside the enclosures for customer electronics such as controllers, wireless AP or CPE cards, sensors, inverters, etc.

Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 18lbs


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