Ubiquiti Energy SM-JC-4C sunMAX AC Jumper Cables

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sunMAX by Ubiquiti Networks is a grid-tie solar solution that utilizes photovoltaic (PV) cells, or solar panels, to convert solar energy into alternating current electricity. Using a watertight roof mounting system, sunMAX offers both portrait and landscape array configurations with easy-to-use software to help you design and implement a fully customizable solar solution.

Opportunity Shines Bright

Now a full plug and play solar system solution is available to the world allowing independent contractors to quickly establish a solar installation business.

A Complete Deployment Solution

sunMAX hardware offers advantages including simplified installations for reduced deployment time, optimal performance using microinverters, railless mounting, and integrated equipment kits.

MonitoringAs an operator, you can create and manage all sites from design to installation. Customers can only monitor their own sites.

StatisticssunMAX software reports hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly energy production levels using clear graphs that are easy to read.


To educate you on the fundamentals of the solar field, including the sunMAX platform, Ubiquiti offers a free online training course. You can also become certified as a Ubiquiti Solar Residential Specialist upon completion of course requirements.

Training Modules

Module 1 - The Solar Energy Opportunity
Module 2 - Selling sunMAX Solar Residential
Module 3 - Installing sunMAX Systems

Online Resources

Our comprehensive online repository includes design resources, videos, case studies, discussion forums, and a knowledge base.

sunMAX Introduction Video

Real-World Deployments


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