Mimosa AS103-U48-B03DP AirSpeed 1030 3.55-3.7GHz Integrated Antenna Fiber/ Copper Backhaul

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AirSpeed 1030 Compact Outdoor Small Cell With Dual Sector Smart Beam Antennas

The AirSpeed 1030 is part of Airspan’s carrier-class, LTE small cell, eNodeB family. It is a high powered Pico class product with integrated dual sector front mount smart beam antennas that provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services in order to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers.

AirSpeed Airspan’s new family of outdoor small cells.

Airspan’s AirSpeed is a range of carrier-class LTE (FDD or TDD) outdoor small cells with an integrated wireline backhaul connection. It supports 3GPP’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) eNodeB specifications, providing high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services in order to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers.

Multiple Backhaul Options

AirSpeed product family supports a range of backhual options from wireless UBR 5.xGhz, copper or ethernet backhaul.

Sustainable Deployment

AirSpeed can be installed on traditional tower sites, or on existing street furniture (lamp posts or utility poles) which are either OPEX free, or have nominal on-going expenses, thus avoiding the recurring costs associated with a traditional Macro site acquisition.

Easy to Install

Single Mounting + Power only.

All Major LTE Bands Supported

Operates in LTE licensed and Lightly-licensed Bands.

Integrated Backhaul

Supports wireline backhaul options.

Various Deployment Scenarios

Compact form factor allows simple installation on rooftops, walls and poles.

High Coverage/Throughput

4T4R channels configured as dual sector with LiteCoMP, dual carrier*

Enhanced AirSON

Fast commissioning and network configuration.

Latest Release LTE Feature Sets

Supports the latest 3GPP Release feature sets (software ugradeable). Also includes support for SON and eICIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with the Umbrella Macro cell.


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