Flat Drop Cable Dry Singlemode SMF28 Ultra Fiber 2 Fiber Polyethylene Black (Spool of 1525 meters)

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2 Fiber SM SMF28 Ultra Dry Flat Drop Cable PE Black spool of 1,525 meters (5,000 ft) 30" spool

Drop FTTP offers the most flexible solution for fiber to the premise applications. The Drop cable unit allows for easy location after installation. The small profile reduces cost and increases both ease of use and access to small conduits. This product is the low cost solution to the network’s last 100 meters. The durable design incorporates two dielectric rigid rods for tensile and crush protection, bracketing a single enhanced loose tube containing up to 12 optical fibers.

Technical Drawings

2 Fiber SM SMF28 Ultra Dry Flat Drop Cable (5,000 ft) 30" spool

SPECIFICATIONS - Singlemode fiber (smf-28 Ultra Optical Fiber)
Fiber Curl ≥4.0m radius of curvature
Cladding Diameter 125±0.7µm
Core-Clad Concentricity Error ≤0.5µm
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤0.7%
Coating Diameter 242±5 µm
Coating-Cladding Concentricity < 12 µm
Mode Field Diameter

9.2±0.4 µm@1310nm

10.4±0.5 µm@1550nm

Cable Cutoff Wavelength ≤1260 nm
PMD Link Design Value ≤0.04ps/√km
Maximum Individual Fiber PMD ≤0.1ps/√km
Attenuation (Maximum)

≤ 0.32 dB/km @1310nm

≤ 0.32 dB/km @1383nm

≤ 0.21 dB/km @1490nm

≤ 0.18 dB/km @1550nm

≤ 0.20 dB/km @1625nm


1550 nm ≤ 18 ps/

1625 nm ≤ 22 ps/

Attenuation vs. Wavelength (Maximum)

0.03 dB/km @1285 -1330nm

0.02 dB/km @1525 -1575nm

Point Discontinuity

≤ 0.05 dB/km @1310 nm

≤ 0.05 dB/km @1550 nm

Micro-bend Loss

10 turns around a mandrel of 15mm Radius

10 turns around a mandrel of 15mm Radius

1 turn around a mandrel of 10mm Radius

1 turn around a mandrel of 10mm Radius

100 turns around a mandrel of 25mm Radius


≤0.05 dB Max. at 1550nm

≤0.30 dB Max. at 1625nm

≤0.50 dB Max. 1550nm

≤1.5 dB Max. at 1625nm

≤0.01 dB Max. at 1310,1550,1625nm

Environmental Test

Temperature Dependence(-60°C to +85°C)

Temperature Humidity Cycling (-10°C to +85°C up to 98% RH)


≤0.05 dB/km(1310,1550,1625nm)

≤0.05 dB/km(1310,1550,1625nm)

Water immersion(23°C±2°C)

Heat Aging(85°C±2°C)

Damp Heat(85°C at 85% RH)

≤0.05 dB/km(1310,1550,1625nm)

≤0.05 dB/km(1310,1550,1625nm)

≤0.05 dB/km(1310,1550,1625nm)

SPECIFICATIONS - Performance Characterizations
Core Diameter 8.2 µm


NA is measured at the one percent power

Level of a one-dimensional far-field scan at 1310 nm

Effective Group Index of Refraction(Neff)

1310nm : 1.4676

1550nm : 1.4682

Fatigue Resistance Parameter (Nd) 20
Coating Strip Force

Dry : 0.6 lbs.(3N)

Wet, 14-day room temperature: 0.6 lbs.(3N)

Rayleigh Backscatter Coefficient

(for 1 ns Pulse Width)

1310nm : -77 dB

1550nm : -82 dB

SPECIFICATIONS - Cable Construction
Number of Fibers 2
Central Tube

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate)

Diameter : 3.0mm±0.1

Dry material Water blocking aramid yarn
Dielectric Strength Member

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Diameter : 1.5mmx2

Outer Jacket Polyethylene(PE)
Cable Outer diameter Nominal 8.0mm x 4.5mm
Cable Weight (Nominal) 28 kg/km
100.00 LBS