Fanvil H2U-BK Hotel Phone, 2 SIp lines, 10SIP Dial Keys, 1 Programmable Key, POE, Black case

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Tiny and stylish, Fanvil H2U compact IP phone possesses brand new features including 2 SIP lines, 10 speed dial keys, 1 programmable DSS key and a HD speaker on handset. Supporting desktop and wall-mounted mode, PoE and power supply charging mode, Fanvil H2U is more than a hotel phone and also can be applied in multiple scenarios, such as school, hospital, supermarket and residence.

Key Features:

  • 2 SIP Lines
  • HD Audio with wideband Codec: G.722, Opus
  • 10 speed dial keys, 1 programmable DSS Key
  • 3-way Conference
  • Desk/wall-mounted mode
  • Handset / Hands-free mode
  • 10/100 Mbps
  • PoE/Power adaptor

Considerate Design for Varied Scenarios

Tiny and fully-featured, Fanvil H2U supports PoE/power supply charging as well as desktop/wall-mounted mode, which can be applied in different scenarios flexibly.



Customizable Keys, One-click Communication

  • 10 speed dial keys to customize different services
  • 1 programmable DSS keys for different functions, such as, to achieve the remote access control
  • Speed dial list

HD Audio for both Handset and Speaker

With Wideband Codec G.722 and Opus, Fanvil H2U offers a more stable and clearer audio even in a noisy environment.


Support SIP Hotspot

Fanvil H2U IP phones can share one number from the server. When a call comes in, each extension phone will ring together to make sure you won’t miss a call.


Extra Information

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