Ubiquiti F-POE-G2 FiberPoE GEN2 for Outdoor PoE Devices

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 The white F-POE-G2 FiberPoE GEN2 from Ubiquiti Networks provides Gigabit bidirectional data transport between Ethernet and fiber optic cables. Additionally, it injects DC power to the Ethernet cable for passive PoE. This device can be used as a fiber to Ethernet converter, or as a fiber bridge with an additional FiberPoE GEN2 (available separately).

This device is equipped with a Gb/s SFP port, a DC terminal block, a DC RJ45 port, and a 1000M PoE port. It provides surge and ESD/EMP protection.

Key Features

  • Optical Data Transport for PoE
  • Fiber to Ethernet Converter
  • Fiber Bridge w/Additional FiberPoE GEN2
  • 1 Gb/s SFP Port
  • DC Terminal Block
  • DC In RJ45 Port
  • 1000 Mb/s PoE Port
  • Surge Protection
  • ESD/EMP Protection
Provides reliable Gigabit PoE runs over long distances
Data and power are transported on separate cables to improve data integrity and allow long cable runs
Two FiberPoE GEN2 devices can be used as a fiber bridge, enabling users to utilize them as a fiber optic data link for protection from EMI events that can damage equipment or cause signal problems
24/50V passive PoE transport
Integrated fiber cable strain relief provides additional protection and a cleaner installation
LED indicators
ESD/EMP protection
Weatherproof design
CE, FCC, and IC certified

Optical Data Transport for Outdoor POE Devices

The FiberPoE connects remote PoE devices and provides data and power using fiber and DC cabling.

Models: F‑POE

Fiber-to-Ethernet Conversion

The FiberPoE provides fiber connectivity to any PoE device.

Designed for Outdoor Durability

The FiberPoE features an outdoor weatherproof form factor with integrated strain relief management.

Power Versatility

The FiberPoE allows separate power from standard Ethernet cables or standard terminal block / power cable support. There are three ways to configure the input and output power:



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7.70 (in)
3.70 (in)
1.30 (in)
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