40G QSFP+ Passive Direct Attach Copper DAC Cable AWG30 1 Meter

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CAB-QSFP/QSFP-P1M - 40G QSFP+ DAC cable  1 meter passive AWG 30

QSFP + (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) direct connect copper cables are suitable for very short distances and offer a highly economical way to establish a 40 Gigabit connection between QSFP + ports of QSFP + switches within racks and via adjacent racks.

These cables are used for 40GbE and Infiniband standards, to maximize performance. QSFP + was designed to meet the emerging needs of high performance computing applications and data centers for a high density cabling interconnect system capable of providing an aggregate data bandwidth of 40Gb/s.

This interconnection system is fully compatible with the standard specifications existing in the industry, such as the QSFP MSA and IBTA (InfiniBand Trade Association).

QSFP + cables support the bandwidth transmission requirements as defined by the IEEE 802.3ba (40 Gb / s) and Infiniband QDR (4x10 Gb/s per channel) specifications.

PASSIVE QSFP+ TO QSFP+ CABLE connects equipment for high density networking environments with Top of Rack (TOR) or Middle of Row (MOR) switching requirements; Low power consumption QSFP+ twinaxial cable provides a cost-effective fiber alternative to installing fiber transceivers and cables to connect a QSFP 40G network

QSFP+ QUAD SMALL FORM FACTOR PLUS cable is hot pluggable with a QSFP+ 38-contact edge connector; Plug and unplug without a network interruption; Quick release latch provides a secure connection until the release tab is pulled.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING of QSFP DAC cable with 30 AWG wire and metal die-cast connectors for superior EMI electromagnetic noise performance and minimal insertion loss; A CL2 in-wall cable jacket provides increased heat and fire resistance; Copper QSFP+ cable offers low power consumption and low latency to operate in a high bandwidth storage area network

MSA COMPATIBLE QSFP+ 40G cable is designed for compatibility with the majority of switches, network adapter cards, or networks. attached storage equipment that follow the Multi-Source Agreement SFF-8436 specifications; Supports aggregate data speeds up to 40Gbps with 3x the density of SFP+.

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